Are you tired of putting your femininity and sensuality on the back burner in your everday life? The Bellydance Meditation Method® Perfect Activation Guide is an exact step-by-step guide that I created especially for YOU!
(The 4 Moves You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Uncover Your Femininity, Power & Sensuality)
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"This is amazing!!! I loved every bit of it!! Allison will guide you through getting in tune with your body, sensuality and sexuality. I worked my mind, body and spirit. I felt invigorated and renewed after your class! I can’t wait for the next one!!."
- Kelli Cannon | Fellow AYDF Rockstar 

WITH this free Activation Guide, You'll Get Right Now:
Happy hips
Even the most nervous nay-sayers love discovering their hippy, hippy love bombs!  Tune into your scared sensuality with these daringly delicious hip bumps, shimmies and shakes!  Skip the "I'm not worthy" (yawn) self-talk with moves that will make you want to show off what you've learned.
Your beautiful radiant heart turned up and turned on!  Access your joy by liberating your heart and soul energy.  You'll find a renewed vivaciousness deep within you to change to the world instead of dimming your light to accommodate others.
Sensual spine
Fresh, sinewy, snake-like movements  celebrating fertility, motherhood and connection to the divine.  This vital practice gives you a "felt" experience of your connection to all things while allowing you to elevate versions of your deeper-self.  Let go of the guilt of feeling like you have to be constantly focusing on others by learning this rhythmic move.
Showcase your beautiful face, luscious hips, and alluring silhouette with these ancient gestures.  The final practice in this guide will help you experience gratitude and balance through your fluid arm movements.  Illuminate your creative life-force without the "huh?" and "what?" of overthinking!
and more...
Hi, I'm Allison Kenny - a professional belly dancer and performer of over 10 years, and I help women tap into their femininity and sensual life-force by using belly dance and mindfulness to generate a soulful movement practice.
My unique format, The Bellydance Meditation Experience, is responsible for empowering women to move with confidence and grace, helping them to achieve massive transformations in their lives.

Without having these aspects awakened in you, you may suffer feelings of loss, frustration and regret from suppressing your sacred femininity, sensuality and eternal joy.

With this free guide, you’ll begin to tap into the wisdom of your body, to unveil a whole other part of you that you may have been hiding or denying.  You'll learn to engage with others in your wholeness and joy. 

Happy Shimmies!  

xoxo Allison

"Allison's exudes her love of bellydance and her passion for her craft is infectious. 

This experience is sure to open you up to new possibilities. Allison's teaching style is relaxed, meeting you where you are and will build your confidence!!! 

She is top notch! Love watching her perform and learning from her personal style!!!"

Maureen Callas

I can’t wait to attend your next workshop, Allison!

Thank you for continuously inspiring women to be the best version of themselves!! 

Stephanie Gonzales

"Allison is a great teacher and makes you feel so comfortable! I am a very awkward woman with pretty low self-confidence, so when she asked me to try belly dancing, my immediate reaction was “No way!” 

I tried it anyway though, and was amazed at how easy Allison made it! She explains moves in a way that anyone can understand and mimic. 

I highly recommend trying even if you think you can’t do it or it’s out of your comfort zone. It’s always great to try new things, and I’m definitely glad I did! ."

Nicole Badik
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